Admission Prices

Adults: $10
Seniors: $7
Students (12-15 yrs): $7
Children (6-11 yrs): $2
Pit pass: $30 - Driver; $30 - Crew

Admission prices for special events may be different than listed above.

Pro/Street Stock
2012 Rules, Regulations, & Car Specifications

1. Must be rear wheel drive, front engine, American made passenger cars. Any type steel or aluminum bodies that fit wheel base.
2. Minimum wheel base 108 inches.
3. Minimum weight 3000 pounds with driver. Cars may be weighed at any time. Fluid or parts lost during a race may not be added to make weight. All weights must be doubled nut or welded. At least two bolts, double nut is mandatory. All weights must be painted white and displayed car number.
4. ALL cars must be stock. Frame and body must be stock. NO interchanging components. Original forging and casting marks cannot be removed, altered or covered.
5. Car must have 4” minimum ground clearance.
6. All glass and flammable material must be removed. Cover headlight and tail light holes with sheet metal. Plastic trim, chrome trim and door handles must be removed. No rearview mirrors. No transmitting or listing devices in car.
7. Door must be welded 12” front and rear or bolted using backing plates and a minimum of four bolts per side.
8. Windshield screen required and must be full-width extending from windshield post to windshield post and full height from cowl to car top. Maximum screen opening is 2” x 4”.
9. May run 5 inch hood scoop and a 8 inch spoiler. Spoiler sides can be from 8 inch and taper to l inch. This means the spoiler must be 8” from bottom to top maximum. Side boards may be 8” tall tapered to a point at 12” with a maximum height of 1” at the small end of taper.
10. Firewall optional.
11. The drivers compartment shall be totally protected with firewalls, front, rear, and sides and floor boards, aluminum or sheet metal firewalls. Front, rear and sides are 0.40 minimum. Floorboards are 0.63 minimum. The driver’s compartment shall prevent any fluids, parts or flames from coming in contact with driver.
12. Lower control arms and leaf springs must be stock height.
1. Bumpers must be mounted in stock location. Front bumper can be one 2” O.D. pipe or stock. May not exceed 56” in width and 8” from end of bumper must angle 10 degrees. Rear bumper may not exceed 54” in width and must be capped. Wrecker loops are mandatory front and rear. Nerf bars are optional. If used may be no larger than 1” x 2” square tubing cut
and capped at 45 degrees. NO SHARP ENDS OR EDGES. All ends must be capped front, rear and sides.

1. Suspension parts must remain absolutely stock for make and model of car. Adjustable spring spacers may be used. Stock type spring only in stock locations. May be heated, cut or changed. No coil-overs, load levers or air-type shocks. Shocks may be mounted in any position.
2. Drive shaft must be painted white. Loop mandatory 6” behind front yoke.
3. Any type bushing may be used. Upper A frame mounts may be moved. Stock mounts or flat metal may be used.
4. Any type upper control arm but no heim ends.

5. Weight jacks are legal.
1. Stock steering box must be in original stock location. Steering quickner allowed. Must be gear type self-contained unit. No rigid one-piece rod to steering wheel. No center steering. Steering wheel and driver must be on the LEFT side of drive shaft hump. NO modifications of hump and NO rear driver seat. Any type power steering allowed.

1. STEEL WHEELS ONLY. Wagon wheels or rally wheels not to exceed 10” wide.
2. One-inch lug nuts required.
3. Asphalt stock car type tires only. May not exceed 14 ” wide. Will be checked with hoop.
4. No radials or re-caps allowed.
5. No hubcaps or wheel covers. Foam wheel inserts may be used.
6. No wheel weights (I.E. balancing weights.)
7. Hoosier 500 tire - 10” x 27-15 (tire number)
8. Bead lock legal on all wheels/corners.

1. Full face auto racing helmets meeting/exceeding the Snell 2000 specification required, and must be worn at all times car is on track and must accompany vehicle at time of inspection. Fire suits, shoes, gloves and neck collars must be worn at all times during racing.
2. All cars will be equipped with a full size window 16 x 20 window net. Window net must be in use at all times.
3. A 3” safety belt and shoulder harness with 2 belts over shoulders, and a quick release type are required. Must have a minimum of one submarine strap. All belts must be securely fastened to frame or cage. Belts must be replaced every four years beginning with belts dated 2000. Date tag and stamp is required.
4. With driver strapped in car minimum 2” head clearance required from top of roll cage to top of driver’s head is mandatory.
5. Two throttle return springs and a steel top strap on throttle is mandatory.
6. An onboard fire extinguisher is mandatory.
7. Bucket seats are mandatory and must be factory manufactured.
8. Shock resistant roll cage padding on all bars that driver’s head, legs, and arms may come in contact with while strapped in seat is required. A padded, functional headrest in line with the center of the driver’s head is

1. Four-post roll cage with diagonal brace behind driver is mandatory. Braces must remain within driver’s compartment. Cage must be 1 ” O.D. x .095” wall thickness mild steel tubing.
2. Must have four-bar door protectors on both sides.
3. Horizontal bar between front vertical bars and under dash required.
4. Engine hoop to incorporate leg brace tube to protect driver.
5. Cage must be welded to frame in at least six places.
6. Roof hoop within 33” minimum, from front to main hoop 32” minimum.
7. Front fenders, quarter panels and front nose piece. One 1 inch bar for bracing ONLY!
8. Maximum angle of rear roll bar is 20 degrees. At least one bar from rear loop to front halo is mandatory.

1. Fuel cell is mandatory. Must be securely and safely mounted. No lower than the bottom of the frame rail.
2. Gasoline or methanol. NO performance additives.

Factory radiator core supports optional. When fabricated support is used, maximum tubing size of 1.5”, 12 gauge may be used. Tubing may not extend beyond frame rail.
Transmission must have at least one forward and reverse gear, plus a neutral position and must be able to be shifted by driver. All cars must join line-up unaided.
At his sole discretion, the Race Track Promoter has the authority to permit/or not permit a driver 16 years or younger to participate in any class.
All numbers must be at least 14 inches tall. Numbers are limited to 3 digits and letters are not permitted. Cars are to have 18-inch or larger number on the roof for scoring. Please keep numbers clean so that they may be visible to scorers.

ProStreet Rules Continued

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Gates Open:
4:30 p.m.

Hot laps: 7 p.m.

Races Start: 7:30 p.m.