Admission Prices

Adults: $10
Seniors: $7
Students (12-15 yrs): $7
Children (6-11 yrs): $2
Pit pass: $30 - Driver; $30 - Crew

Admission prices for special events may be different than listed above.



All components must be steel. No covers allowed. All trailing arms/link bars must be solid tubing. Rear of frame may be altered to accept leaf or coil springs. Steel coil-over eliminators or steel/aluminum coil-over kits allowed. Must conform to shock and spring rules. One mechanical traction bar (pull or lift, not both).



All components must be steel, unaltered OEM, in OEM location, except outer tie rod end and adjustment sleeve may be replaced by a minimum .625 inch steel rod end and steel tube; spindles can be ground for brake caliper clearance only. Unaltered OEM replacement Pinto spindles, raised case, spindles must be right and left and of same design. Bolt on spindle savers allowed. Steel steering shafts and knuckles only. Steering quickener, steering wheel and quick release may be aluminum. Cockpit steering may be modified, must be kept on left side. No rack and pinion.



One steel unaltered shock per wheel. One additional shock allowed on rear suspension. No threaded body, front coil-over, air, or remote reservoir shocks.



Steel only. One coil and/or leaf spring per wheel only. One additional spring allowed on pull bar or lift bar, may be progressive. Any coil spring. No torsion bars or air bags.



1. Any 8” steel wheel. Tires allowed; American racer G60, Hoosier G60. Tires may be grooved or sipped.

2. Bead lock on right rear or right front only.



1. Fire suits, gloves, and neck collars must be worn at all times during racing. SA rated Snell 2000 or better helmets are mandatory.

2. All cars will be equipped with a full size 16 x 20 window net. Window net must be in use at all times.

3. A 3” safety belt and shoulder harness with 2 belts over shoulder, and a quick release type are required. Must have minimum of one submarine strap. All belts must be securely fastened to frame or cage. Belts must be replaced every four years beginning with belts dated 2000. Date tag or stamp required.

4. With driver strapped in car minimum 2” head clearance required from top of driver’s head is mandatory.

5. Two throttle return springs and a steel toe strap on throttle is mandatory.

6. An onboard fire extinguisher is mandatory.

7. Shock resistant roll cage padding on all bars that the driver’s head, legs, and arms may come in contact with while strapped in seat is required. A padded, functional headrest in line with the center of the driver’s head is mandatory.


Must consist of continuous hoops. Minimum 1.75 inch O.D tubing with a minimum wall thickness of .095 inch for main cage. Frame mounted in at least six places (low carbon or mild steel recommended). Must consist of a configuration of front, rear and top hoops connected by tubing on sides or side hoops. Driver’s head must not protrude outside cage with helmet on. Roll cage must be securely supported and braced with minimum one cross bar in top halo. Foot protection bar required. Main cage no further forward than rear of engine. All bars forward of cage must be lower than hood.


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Gates Open:
4:30 p.m.

Hot laps: 7 p.m.

Races Start: 7:30 p.m.