Admission Prices

Adults: $10
Seniors: $7
Students (12-15 yrs): $7
Children (6-11 yrs): $2
Pit pass: $30 - Driver; $30 - Crew

Admission prices for special events may be different than listed above.


2013 Rules, Regulations & Car Specifications




1. 1970 or newer American compact car only, no panel cars or station wagons.

2. Stock appearing front windshield and rear window support unit, painted roll bars not acceptable substitute. May utilize a flat half-windshield, with no wings, mounted to the roll cage. Must have a minimum of three windshield bars in front of driver.

3. Firewall and floorboards are mandatory.

4. All body parts should be recognizable as factory production vehicle. Fiberglass or metal duplicates of body parts are permitted. Homemade body parts may be constructed of steel, aluminum or fiberglass. All cars in competition must have a complete paint job. No plastic body parts allowed. Body must be same width, front to rear, and parallel to the frame.

5. Original roof line of vehicle must closely be maintained. Must be full size roof. No wings or any other ground effects are allowed anywhere outside or inside cars. Sail panels must closely resemble example shown on body diagram and be the same on both sides of car. Any reinforcing lips on rear of sail panel must be 180 degree bends.

6. Engine compartment will remain open, no side panels; hood sides may have maximum four inch drop and must be enclosed at rear of hood; maximum hood scoop height-six inches. Passenger side of body must be no further than rear of block. Rear of bodies to be solid panel at least eight inches high and include car number. No panel in front of right door to engine compartment. No inner panels. No car covers.

7. Driver and passenger side windows must have at least 12-inch opening, measured at center of window, whether the roof or roll cage, and highest point at bottom of window, whether the interior or body.

8. Weight limit 2400 lbs. with driver as car comes off the track.

9. Spoilers: Rear spoilers optional. Rear spoiler may be 8”x 60”, spoiler sides boards – 8” to taper to 1” point length 12” from base.




Frame; OEM complete. 1964 or newer, perimeter American rear wheel drive passenger car frame only. No sports car frames. Frame must be full and complete, cannot be widened or narrowed. And must be able to support roll cage on both sides, except: weight jack in original center line of spring tower allowed; frame may be cut a maximum 36” forward from center of rear end housing. Horns may be removed in front of steering box. Front cross member may be notched and boxed for radiator and/or steering clearance. Maximum seven inch wide opening in side of sprint tower for spring removal. Maximum two-inch wide by four-inch tall frame stiffener may be welded directly to outside of left side frame rail. Minimum wheel base 108 inches. Maximum 112 inches both sides. Maximum overall width (front or rear) shall not exceed 78 inches from outside of tire to outside of tire. No part of frame can be lower than four inches from ground except front cross member.




Steel only. Bumpers must be used both front and rear at all times and welded, or mounted with bolts. Must be minimum 1.25 inch O.D tubing. .065 wall thickness on front. .095 wall thickness on rear. Two-bar front bumpers must be mounted frame-end to frame-end no wider than width of material outside frame horns and with bottom loop parallel to ground. Top bar must be directly above bottom bar, minimum 6.5 inches apart, measured center to center. Rear bumper and nerf bars can be no wider than tires.



All components must be steel, unaltered OEM, in OEM location, and replaceable by OEM parts, except tube-type upper A-frames with aluminum/steel cross shaft, and mounts can be moved. OEM replacement lower A-frames. Lower A-frames must be right and left and of same design; rubber, nylon or steel lower A-frame bushings, no offset or bearing type, welded or bolted shock mount on lower A-frame. Lower A-frame mounts and bolt holes on frame must be in OEM location. Lower A-frame may be tube type.

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Gates Open:
4:30 p.m.

Hot laps: 7 p.m.

Races Start: 7:30 p.m.