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Gates Open:
4:30 p.m.

Hot laps: 7 p.m.

Races Start: 7:30 p.m.

Jr. Modified

2013 Rules, Regulations, & Car Specifications


1. 108 wheel base minimum. 2350 pounds minimum. All car bodies must look like a 
normal modified; must be track approved before racing.

2. Roof rear sail panels are allowed one 90 degree bend along the top edge of the sail panel, 
but must be less than 1" wide.

3. No more than 6" of total rake allowed on the body deck. A maximum of 3" of rake (of 
the 6" total) is allowed in the door section and a maximum of 3" of rake is allowed in the quarter panel section.

4. Minimum ride height is 5" from ground to side frame rails.

5. Plastic body panels and plastic filler are not allowed.

6. No convertibles.

Car must have full deck interior from one side of the body to the other. Decks must be aluminum or sheet metal.

8. Minimum of three (3) windshield bars 5/16" in diameter is required. Must be mounted in 
front of driver.

9. One single nerf bar between the front and rear wheels, on each side of the car is allowed. 
Maximum size = 1 Y2" x .095. They are to be attached to the cage at the front and rear sections of the nerf bar. No center supports are allowed on the nerf bar. Ned bars may not be outside of tires. All bumper and nerf bars must be capped.

10. Oil and transmission fluid coolers are not allowed in driver's compartment.

11. No upholstery allowed, other than driver's seat cover.

12. No plastic in drive's compartment.

13. Hood scoops optional.


Quarter panels must be 90 degrees to the ground, with a maximum of a 45 degree bend 4" from the bottom of the doors and quarters and 2" on top.


Must be metal or aluminum with minimum sized holes for throttle, etc. Firewall must be sealed from engine compartment.


Must be metal or aluminum. Must cover entire driver cockpit to front edge of seat.


1. Must cover completely the top of engine and radiator.

2. Must extend from the nose piece to the deck.

3. Hood must be made of metal, aluminum, or fiberglass.

4. Hood must provide a seal to the top of the engine compartment.

5. Cannot cover side of engine more than 5".

6. Hood scoops okay.


No spoiler allowed. FRAME:

1. Frame cannot be cut, bent, or altered to change suspension brackets, except upper control arm brackets on front end.

2. Front frame horns can be cut off in front of the steering box and idler arm.

3. May use a normal modified frame. No pull or push bars.

4. Replacement may be made with round, square, or rectangular tubing.

5. Front frame may be cut for radiator clearance.

6. Frame may be cut for seat clearance.

7. You cannot cut holes in frame to lighten it. Rust may be removed in front of lower rear trailing arms and cleaned up on body mount holes.

8. Cross member mounts on frame for transmission may be removed, but cannot be farther forward than welds on frame.

9. If weights are used for ballast, weights must be painted white and number of car must be on weight. No mercury ballast or any similar type of ballast may be used. All weight must be securely fastened. Loss of weight will be cause for disqualification.


1. Two (2) bar front bumpers is mandatory. Maximum size is = 1 1/2" x .095".

2. One single bar rear bumper is required. Maximum size is 1 3/4". The required fuel cell protection bar (maximum size — 1 1/2" x .95") may be attached to the rear bumper.


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