Admission Prices

Adults: $10
Seniors: $7
Students (12-15 yrs): $7
Children (6-11 yrs): $2
Pit pass: $30 - Driver; $30 - Crew

Admission prices for special events may be different than listed above.


E-Modified Rules Continued.......


1. Main roll cage must consist of continuous hoops not less than 1 2” x .095”. All welds must be complete. No brazing or soldering. No part of main cage may extend forward past rear motor plate. The main roll bar must not attach to the frame rearward of front edge of the rear tire.

2. Main roll bar and halo must be a minimum of 1” above the drivers helmet.

3. A minimum of three (3) drivers door bars, and two (2) passenger size door bars is required.

4. Four (4) bars, two per side, may extend from the main roll cage to the points on the main frame in front of the upper control arms. These bars may have two additional braces per side to the main frame.

5. Six (6) bars may extend from the main cage to the rear, X-bracing is allowed.

6. Door plates will be mandatory in 2004. At least 4” x 12”.

7. Cages must be steel or chrome-moly.


Gasoline only. No oxygenated or other performance enhancing additives. No alcohol or nitrous


1. Maximum 22 gallon fuel cell.

2. Fuel cell with a roll over valve is required. Must be securely mounted inside trunk area only, must be between frame rails, and must be totally enclosed from the driver compartment. A minimum of two (2) fuel cell straps required to secure fuel cell.

3. Fuel cell protection bar required. Must be a minimum of 1 2@ x .095”. It must protect the fuel cell from the rear. It must be as low as the fuel cell, and extend from side to side as wide as the fuel cell. It is recommended that this bar be attached to the frame, not the bumper. If the fuel cell protection bar is not present, the car will not be allowed to continue running.


No electric fuel pumps. Only stock mount push rod activated Holley or Carter style allowed. Bypass fuel systems ok.


One (1) two (2) barrel Holley carburetor not to exceed 500 cfm. No solenoid. Carburetor will be checked using a GO-NO-GO gauge. Carburetor venturibore, throttle plate bore, throttle shaft diameter, and booster size will be checked using GO-NO-GO gauges. Measurements are as follows; Venturibore max 1.390”, throttle plate bore max. 1.700”, throttle shaft diameter min. .180, booster height size min. .435”, booster size interior max of .385”, exterior booster max. .6600”. The use of fuel injection, supercharger, turbo charger, nitrous oxide or water injection will not be allowed.

(CLAIM RULE: The track will be the only one that can claim - $250.00)


Only one radiator is allowed. It may be aluminum. Radiator must be mounted in front of engine. Maximum size: 27x19". Racing radiator cap is allowed. Electric cooling fans are okay. May not have water outlets to spray on radiator. Catch cans required.


1. Any OEM automatic transmission is allowed. Must have a working torque converter, minimum of 10”. No direct drives, couplers, valved pumps, or bleeder style valve bodies. Automatics must have at least one forward gear, and reverse gear must be in working order. Ford may use GM or Ford automatic. Mopar may use GM or Mopar automatic. Chevrolet must use GM automatic. Stall converters okay.

2. Standard transmissions must be stock with all gears in working order, with minimum of 10.5 inch clutch, pressure plate and steel flywheel. No mini-clutches. May use aluminum flywheel. Ford clutch is 9 inch minimum.

3. All standards must have bell housing made of inch thick steel or cast iron and cover 180 degrees over the sides and tip of the clutch assembly. Slave cylinders or hydraulic throw out bearings okay.

4. 3, 4, or 5 speed manual transmissions only, OEM only. No Bert or Brinn type transmissions allowed.

5. No ram couplers.

6. Quick change transmissions or transmission adapters for gear change are not allowed.

7. Car must be self-starting and have working neutral, reverse, and forward.

8. Transmission fluid coolers are allowed.

9. No aluminum converters. Flywheels and converters can be checked with magnet. Converters can be checked by moving car forward and backwards to check stall.

10. Cars MUST idle in all gears.


Drive shafts must be steel, and must be painted white or silver or fluorescent orange. Must have steel drive shaft loop (360 degree) connected to the frame located within 6 inches of the front drive shaft u-joint. Minimum size is 2” x 1/8”.


Any steel approved OEM passenger car or truck rear end allowed. Safety hubs (floater) allowed. All components must be steel lowering blocks, cap and drive flange. Full steel spool, steel mini spool or welded rear ends only. Steel axles only. Quick changes are legal. One piece drive flange only. No torque dividing differentials. No scalloped ring gears. Quick change rear ends are legal for the year 2011 only. USRA rules will be enforced in 2012 for quick change rear ends and also to be legal at other area tracks.


At his sole discretion, the Race Track Promoter has the authority to permit/or not permit a driver 16 years or younger to participate in any class.

E-Modified Rules Continued

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Gates Open:
4:30 p.m.

Hot laps: 7 p.m.

Races Start: 7:30 p.m.