Why and How a Motorcycle Helmet Works

It is important to know that helmets are designed to operate differently. You can always find heavy-industry heads and hard hat on construction. People as well decide to use Kevlar caps on military heads and football helmets on the head of athletes. The truth is that none of these types are interchangeable. Bike helmets are specialized and highly sophisticated for the activity. Over the years, they have been designed scientifically and carefully.

Crucial Components of Helmets:

In the motorcycle helmet, four essential elements work together to provide protection.  These items will help you to understand how bike helmets work when purchased.

  1. A good retention system
  2. The comfortable padding
  3. An absorbing impact liner
  4. An outer shell

Description of Motorcycle Helmet’s Components:

The outer shell is the first part that you will see after purchasing a helmet. The exterior layer is suitably from thermoplastics. The outer shell remains an active item intended and designed to compress when it strikes anything hard.  From the impact, the action will spread energy to reduce the force before using it on your head. Nevertheless, it will not act alone to protect the user.

The energy-absorbing material remains inside the shell. In most cases, this liner is formed from polystyrene. When the helmet stops, the dense layer cushions absorb shock, making your head continue moving.

If the bike helmet is strike hard, both the liner and shell compress. When this occurs, there will be spread of the force of impact through the helmet material. When the altered energy is highly absorbed or deflected the time taken to reach your brain and head reduce. The force reduction will also cause less damage to the user of the helmet.

On impact, you can find some helmet shells delaminating. Others may break and crack if forcefully used to hit a hardened surface. It remains one of the effective ways a helmet can absorb shock. It also means that the bike helmet is functioning in the right way. Visible eyes may not see impact damage due to crash on the non-resilient liner. Nevertheless, it may look normal after the process. Since it may be less protective, you will have to replace your helmet at this juncture.

The cloth layer and soft foam is usually called the comfort padding. It is seen around your head. It can assist in keeping the helmet firmly and enable you to remain comfortable. The padding can even be taken out for cleaning in some bike head coverings.

The chin strap is also called the retention system and remains highly significant. In a crash, the retention system remains a primary item that keeps the helmet on your head. On each side of the shell, you will find a maintenance strap connected. The strap should be fastened securely every time you put on the helmet. With a couple of seconds, the bike strap can be positioned on your head. To ride without a helmet is equal to questioning a driver who does not drive with the seatbelt fastened.

Steps to perfectly use your Motorcycle Helmet:

With the above description of each primary parts of a helmet, it will be easier to use one effectively. You can follow the simple hints below to get your helmet at work.

  1. After the straps remains tight and the helmet still on, move it from one end to another and up and down by using your hands. Your skin will move in a proper motion when the helmet first well. You will feel as if a slight pressure flows on your head. When the comfort liner material shrinks via usage, ensure that the bike helmet remains loosened. As you comfortable wear it, a new helmet will continue to be tight.
  2. Try to roll the helmet forward off your head, with your head straight and the chin strap still securely. Users should have the opportunity of pulling it off smoothly.
  3. Taking off the helmet is the next step to take. Check to see if your head feels sore or painful anywhere. Another important thing to do is to check if there are any red spots or areas on your forehead. You will discover that pressure points remain uncomfortable. After a long time, it can lead to a headache. For this reason, it is nice not to allow the helmet to cause any stress when using one. If the helmet is causing any problem, just select a bigger size option or a different model. The human head is not always the same in shape, so are helmets.
  4. If the fitness and structure of the helmet are not yet known, you can put it on around the store for a while. It will help you discover the comfort the helmet gives. A motorcycle helmet remains a significant investment, irrespective of its price. For this reason, you have to choose the best.

Some Types Of Motorcycle Helmet

This article will assist you to easily identify different types of motorcycle helmets and point out the best motorcycle helmet for your reference. Hence, you will be able to use them properly and safely when riding motorcycles.

There are only five main types of motorcycle helmets, while the other types are only for professional usage. All of them have the common and necessary characteristic of being equipped straps. Only if the driver tightens this strap to fit with their head, the helmet might take its fullest effects


Here are some types of motorcycle helmets sorted by their protection capability from highest to lowest.

  1. Full-face type

Full-face helmet shields the user’s head with its back. In more details, it covers the brain and protects it from collusions if an accidents occur. This kind of helmet always has a defined distance in the front between shield of the eyes and the nose with (transparent or colored) rotational plastic visor. Besides, many full-face helmets are additionally equipped with air vents to create air circulation.


The most special property of the full-face helmet is its protection capability. However, some people think it makes them feel hot and have limited ability to hear. Full-face helmets designed for off-road riders are sometimes removed the face shield.

According to recent researches, full-face helmets create the best shield for users as more than 35% of accidents affected people’s chin. The less shield a helmet has, the more dangerous it is for users.

2. Off-road/motocross type


The typical characteristic of the motocross helmet is a prolonged chin and peak brim accompanied with the chin bar, half-face shield and protective glasses. Peak brim is able to shield the motorcyclist from the sun when moved up/down.

It is clear that motocross helmets are not connected with a chin bar. Motorcyclists often uses open face helmets along with face mask to avoid rocks and dust contacted with users’ face. Modern motocross helmets add up a chin bar (triangular instead of round) so users’ face is protected from injury. If you can properly use eyeglasses, you will be as protected as using the full-face helmet.

3. Modular/Flip-up type

Flip-up helmets is a combination of full-face helmets and open face helmets used in normal circumstances. Besides, it is sometimes called as “flip side”. Closed modular helmets look very similar to full-face helmets, if adding chin bar to decrease the impact force toward the user’s face.

Modular-Flip-up helmet

The chin bar of a flip-up helmet can be removable by a special rod so users can expose to their face. For this reason, the motorcyclist can eat or talk without loosening the strap and removing the helmet.

Modular helmets are worn fixedly during riding time because removable chin bars are useful if not moving. However, the curved shape of the opened chin bar and face shield may increase air drag while riding due to the wind with no circulation. Compared with the open-face type, the chin bar of modular helmets chin reaches further from the forehead and reduces the risk of neck injury for motorcyclists when an accident occurs.

4. Open face or 3/4 helmet

Open face or 3/4 helmets still covers the back part of the brain without a face shield and a chin bar. Many open face helmets are designed with prolong peak brims to avoid sunlight. Open face helmets can protect the brain but cannot shield the face, also for non-collision cases.

Bugs and dirt beating into motorcyclist’s face can let them feel discomfort. It is the reason why motorcyclists always wear protective glasses to cover their eyes when used the open face helmets. In addition, some open face helmets are also added expanded face shield to protect motorcyclist’s eyes.

5. Haft helmet


The front design of the half helmet is similar to open face type but shortens the back part of head. Half helmet type also has a minimum cover stated by the laws. Another common property of the open face helmet and the half helmet is they always come along with glasses.

Contrary to the open-face and full-face helmet, the half helmet is easy to slide and fall from motorcyclist’s head in an accident. Some courses of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation banned the use of half helmets in riding exercises due to their less protection capability than other types.



Using Used Car Parts, the Dilemma

In most cases, the dilemma presented in case one is to make a choice on whether to use new or used car parts is immense. For instance, you may start your automobile and something unexpectedly happens. Your first guess is that the car starter has been sounding odd recently.

You may take it somewhere for repairs, or better still do it yourself. However, you realize that the car part in question is one of the most fundamental of parts. What remains is that you remain with lots of queries in your mind on what to do. Perhaps you prefer to take the exercise and challenge of doing all of your own work!


However, there is a catch, the act of getting the correct automobile parts? Here are some of the many things to think about;

What of new Parts?

A new car part is one that has never been on any automobile before. They are known for their cost and are going to be typically costlier than re-used car parts.

Whether to use new or re-used

This choice is usually among the hardest where motor vehicle parts are concerned. Many car parts that you can just purchase are those that are used, or restored. The restored parts may have features of similarity but are not similar to the second hand parts from scrap yard.


Once you purchase a re-used or restored part there is usually an additional fee which is referred to as a core charge. This attracts extra cost, for instance, the starter may well be fifty bucks and the core charge may well be fifteen bucks. The eventual price is going to be sixty five bucks. However, once you bring your previously removed car part to the shop, the core charge is usually refunded. This is because, the starter may not b e badly damaged and may be remodeled for future use.

Which of the car parts to buy?

Most local based car machine parts stores have websites. Here, by just the click of a button, you are able to go through and rummage around for the part you may want. By merely entering the correct information in terms of the model of your automobile, you may see the parts that are offered.

There are also a variety of choices for a similar car parts. For instance, you will see four starters all at the same site which will suit your automobile. Among the four, you may find one which is also re-manufactured with a ninety-day guarantee.


In addition, the group of starters may comprise of two which are re-manufactured with a lesser period guarantee. However, one among them is also spanking new. The choice of which part to buy becomes quite a task if you ask me.

What happens to the removed part?

Many are the times you remove a car part and leave it with the mechanic without bothering to know what happens. In most instances like when dealing with certified stores, the previously used car part is placed in a box and sent back to the car part manufacturing facility. In most cases, it is restored and replaced with new components to make it work properly. It’s then sold back to automobile parts stores.

Why not think of Warranty selections as well?

This is one of the most fundamental purchase decisions to make. If you are planning on keeping the automobile quite long, a decent guarantee may well be the most effective selection. However, if the car use is to be short lived, then a modest warranty will suffice.

Each the new parts and re-used parts could have a certain period of time guarantee. If that’s the case, the smallest timeline will be the higher choice. The guarantee can typically be a limited guarantee. This typically implies that if the part fails, you can bring it to the shop for a replacement within the stipulated time. What is important is to keep in mind to scan the fine print of the guarantee to make sure it fits your needs.

The decision to shop for new or re-used automobile parts may be decided on the basis of the guarantee. Additionally, the issue of the time for which the automobile in question is to be used plays a vital role.

Why the Toyota car parts remains in high demand?

The dominance of the Toyota brand in the car market is not in question. This is also the more reason why the car manufacturer dominates the car parts market. Toyota makes several car models of diverse innovative works. In most cases, the two distinctive designs include; prime engine superiority skill and responsibility to the market.

Each and every automobile allowed to pass across the engineering system must pass the set standards by Toyota and this has made them the ultimate leader in the automotive industry.  Mechanics love the Toyota Motor Corporation, or just Toyota because of its inspiration.


Additionally, it gives useful analysis in areas of experimental innovations which is clearly evidence that the company is consistent in its promotion of campaigns and is moving towards exploring the total potential of cars, in some cases fitted with the hybrid fuel technology.

There are several other reasons why Toyota dominates, some of the reasons include;

  • Use of innovative technology-among Toyota’s several innovative works involves the adoption of the original industrial production of Advanced Parking system, together with the ability to support some of the high -speed transmission.
  • In addition, the nature of steering wheel that use corking rerouting in most cases provides the user with convenience. Toyota additionally includes among its innovations, the four-zone climate management systems with infrared capabilities on its Lexus models.
  • Indeed, Toyota has its fingers in an exceedingly and extraordinarily profitable field, if you look at their revenues as the yardstick. It is additionally advantageous for customers whose minds are usually aloof from cost-cutting practices thus giving an assuring pitch to environmentalists that their protests against bad business practices habits are not falling on deaf ears.
  • Extreme level of performance– the Performance of Toyota is not by itself reserved to be lower soon. The high rate quality of Toyota cars and the readily available parts makes them one of the easiest cars to buy. This makes them some of the exclusive cars which come complete with its parts. In fact, the word out there is Toyota parts for Toyota.
  • Prices cut to the chase-while some other car part manufacturers are hell bent on profits, Toyota has always centered its business on the service of the people. With Toyota parts, you may not even need to look for the discounted rates.
    In fact, buying the Toyota car parts by itself has its own cut price which may in some cases; it may be lower than the discount given by some of its competitors.  In some instances, the automotive car manufacturers which are specializing in the discounted parts may have lower quality parts; Toyota is not the same because they only sell originals.
  • Consistent quality– with the slogan of having Toyota part for Toyota, what is best to suit a Toyota automobile than a Toyota part? Consistency is a great selling point sometimes, and with smart cause. In most instances, the automobile runs a risk of causing immeasurable damage if parts differ and doesn’t function as desired.


Additionally going for Toyota parts gives you an opportunity to have a look at the dominant company which has a hold on the strong technological advantage over its competition. Toyota parts come with a lucrative guarantee of delivering just what the user may desire to have.

While these facts can be quite interesting, especially with the fact that the standard of the parts are usually made without any compromises on the industrial standards which is one of the pillars of the Japanese innovation, you will have the peace of mind while using it.

You have no time to worry over quality, functionality and even the compatibility with your car brand because every sector is well covered, try it!

Unique challenges faced by the Honda racing in its quest for Formula 1 glory

In life, winning is the dream of everyone including the technology based companies like the Honda racing corporation. For the better part of its existence, Honda has been actively involved in the making of some of the most custom made cars for its wide clientele.

This great success in this area of producing some of the best performing cars, has tickled their innovative self into trying to create some of the masterpieces for formula 1. Because this is not your normal racing event, formula 1 has its major challenges, which Honda has regrettably been able to have a feel.

The challenges of Honda may be divided into two main areas where it has been trying so much to breakthrough. These two are in the development as well as the area of human resource. However, the challenges are also there which the corporation has taken in with a smile.



The development of the best performing car has not been easy, especially when you compare the vehicles made under the Honda brand and the other vehicles in formula1 like Ferrari, Chevrolet and Toyota whose performance is incomparable.

Take the horsepower of the above cars alone compared to the Honda one and you are likely to know the reason why the competition is at an advantage. The speed range alone of the Ferrari car has in most cases been quite fantastic.

the Ferrari have always taken advantage of their wide innovation especially in the area of aeronautics with the production of lighter vehicles, in fact lighter than those produced by Honda and even  Toyota. This fact has made the cars to have an undue advantage over the Honda cars while racing.

While the other manufacturers have been allowed to employ and test numerous technologies bordering on the use of the KERS, Honda faced numerous challenges fort its car brands acceptance on the same from the formula 1 organizer.

its only with the sanctioning f FIA that we can now see Honda having some of the powerful engines like its new model of the K20 which may be deemed powerful enough to compete in formula 1 effectively. this then informs the near success it has recorded with its cars getting number 2 on the podium.

It is in this that you are likely to conclude that we are dealing with a biased arbiter when it cones top the provision of uniform technological framework for formula 1. This fact has in many ways derailed the Honda high speed racing cars since the year 2007.

In addition, the competing car brand manufactures which are usually dedicated to winning are employing some of the most underhand methods. For instance, we have a formula 1 participant whose cars are only meant for that event and produce very few carts for the use of the general public.

The above allows for this company to be able to preserve its engine design, which then puts it at an advantage over the other rivals like the Honda tracing cars. In fact, this company has kept the users from its cars by selling its cars art painstakingly high prices.


Human resource handicap

Formula 1 requires the hands of some of the most experienced drivers to cruise its course. In its history of participation, Honda has not been lucky to develop some of the top crème drivers and stick with them.

The lucrative offers given to the experienced formula 1 drivers by its competition have always kept them to play second fiddle merely because of the money and the car performance ranges which some drivers shun.

Hope at the end of the tunnel!

with the near win by the team Honda led by Ryan hunter who cruised and became 2nd overall in the 2014 circuit at Sonoma,  there is real hope that the Honda racing will finally get its footing to be able to dominate the formula 1 series.

In fact looking at the reports, it is clear that the entry of the Honda vehicles was quite dominant. what is then to be hoped fort is the retention of the high seasoned drivers within the fold to be able to realize some of the desired results.


Just like all the other racing car makers, Honda has had its own challenges. The others equally have their own even if not of the same magnitude as Honda’s, especially where the prestigious formula 1 is concerned. a lot then still needs to be done if the current pace is to be maintained.

Taking racing to the next level, the iRacing concept and its challenges

The scarcity of space to put up racing venues has been there across the globe with the diminishing lands space.  While this is so, racing is growing as one of the best leisure activities, both to spectators and drivers. It is in this respect that the leading players in the racing world have been sent to a whirl, with some suggestions on what needs to be done.

It is notable that the real racing in itself was seen to be a quite costly affair in so many respects with some people even losing life. But be it as it may, replacing the excitement generated by the real racing is not easy.

Against this background, it is seen that iRacing.com, one of the leading proprietors of some of the best racing facilities introduced its latest trending concept of virtual racing. The enthusiasm it has generated alone shows that racing as it is one of the mist followed sports.

With its innovative creativity, the company seeks permission from most of the car makers and then recreates the while car design using some of the best applications which then are launched on giant racing virtual screen boards.


Through recreating these car models and presenting the car race revelers and enthusiasts with an opportunity to literally sample the cars, convenience and use of time optimally has been the order of the day.

Just like in real life racing, the iRacing concept has its own prizes and the car makers of the original concepts are given their fair share of royalties as a result. The mere fact that this is a membership based concept allows it to be free from intruders who have e no business with it.

In fact, iRacing is considered to have succeeded a great deal in bringing most of the cars within its fold, somethging which was never seen in the past. This then allows the drivers on this platform to have a rich choice to pick from.

Car championships longer tracks

The mere imagination that the iRacing concept could be having one of the longest on the globe is something which is worth commending. For instance, by including some of its latest tracks in Brittan, the car racing club has just achieved one of its latest milestones of enabling car racers get to sample the real racing tracks virtually.

Because of the tremendous growth, the iRacing concept has brought within its fold many iRacers who were delighted to test their driving skills using these virtual cars and the mere fact that the competition looks real, with winners at the end.

It was to this extent that the company has been working overnight to even enable its members the comfort of sampling even some of the best cars virtually, like it happened with the introduction of the Honda CR into the racing circuit recently.

The entry of other companies into this iRacing business has been noted, though the new comers still have a lot to learn from the already established gurus like the iRacing.com. This increased presence will present some challenge, especially to those who manage the digital interfaces of these companies to guard against cases of hacking and foul play.


Though the virtual racing may not present the real dangers we have in real racing world, the reality of some bad oranges being among the racers may spoil the repute of the whole concept. It is a good thing to have come with the internet and worth supporting.

The only thing which is still lacking is the facilities as the majority of these facilities are found in Britain and some of the developed nations in Asia and America. This then cuts a large chunk of global population from participating in this concept and event.


Racing was an exclusivist sport which was in the past used to show some of the most exemplary skills, with its introduction on the virtual scale, the need to train the users of these spaces on how to navigate these cars is urgent. It is a perfect way through which people may learn how to drive, at a lesser fee, compared to what driving schools charge.


How Honda racing is working towards the promise of better things in future

For the attendees of the Paris motor show in 2014, one thing was quite clear, Honda made one of the most important statements on the direction it wishes to take in the near future. By letting one of their treasured creations in the past century to take an honorable bow, Honda was setting the pace for good things to come.

The club racer series from Honda took the market by storm at their inception in the 21st. This is in addition to the fact that these are some of the vehicles within the Honda fold with the best performance ratings ever.

Honda, in its statement at the end of the Paris motor show promised that while the club racer series was taking a honorable bow, the vehicle was bound to come back at more improved features to enable it perform even better than it was before.

Monte Carlo, Monaco. Sunday 24 May 2015. Jenson Button, McLaren MP4-30 Honda, leads Fernando Alonso, McLaren MP4-30 Honda. World Copyright: Glenn Dunbar/LAT Photographic. ref: Digital Image _89P1848

Honda performance development

This section of the Honda racing corporation has in fact been tasked with the bigger role of ensuring that the car brand gets a new facelift moving forward. It is through the various performance development initiatives that the car brand looks to undertake the achievements in areas which traditionally went against them.

The promise of better tomorrow is clear at Honda Corporation, especially when you look at the clearly defined pathway through which the innovative process of the company would go. The focus on the street performance is meant to produce more user oriented vehicles going forward.

The introduction of the new C-R Z within the North American market has proven pundits wrong on the real intent of the Honda Corporation, that the mere sporty look of the car in itself is not enough to bring comfort

Change of tact.

That is why, Honda has worked tirelessly in improving all the holistic aspects of their cars from air coolers, fuel injectors and the air filters. These were in itself meant to give that personal touch to the Honda car, as was the real dream of the Honda fathers when the promised inspiration and innovation.

It is the introduction of the new slogan of the “racing for the road” instead of the mere insistence on performance that the Honda has moved away from the traditional insistence on performance in gauging their cars going forward.

The launch of the new club racer-R series for 2015 for instance takes through Hondas masterpiece, a darling of anyone who may dare look at it both aesthetically and in its other real forms. In fact, having borrowed majorly from the other technologies which are considered superior, we can see the direction which Honda is taking; take the battle to the competition.


Talk of the different Honda cars and you are seeing a company in motion in developing its brand, the prelude series which have undergone lots of changes recently are all meant to give the Honda racing car users a new taste at the pudding.

With the increase in the rates of opulence in the world, you are going to see more of the Honda Acura luxury car brands, with its diverse prototypes taking the other racing cars head on, especially based on the fact that Honda still enjoys the advantage of lower prices, which has not been easy for the other racers.

More presence in Formula 1

As is the promise, you will see more of the Honda car on the formula 1 track, with the impetus which the company picked since 2014, going for the main pole on the podium. Innovatively, the introduction of the more powerful hybrid engines with oil cooling mechanisms will be the order of the day.

The presence will be seen especially for Honda formula 1 and the other FIA approved races they intend to participate in. it is the improvement of most of the Honda performance, not because that is a means to an end in itself but a necessary tool that you will see the introduction of better performing K20 series on the formula 1 tracks.


Promising is easy, however because of the strides which the Honda racing has taken in the past two years, believing their promise is easy. They mean well especially if they can maintain churning safe yet better performing cars into the market. More is yet to be seen though.